Mohammed Salman

Mohammed Salman

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First Name * Mohammed
Last Name * Salman
Username * AlucarddraculA999
Country * United Arab Emirates
Nationality Emaratie
Languages ArabicEnglish



Availability: student


I Have been working with 3d for over 2 year, starting in the the summer of 2005, i was inspired by a friend who introduced me to 3ds max.
I was motivated, and still am, through the amazing work of other people online, and from movies, games and even advertisement. I have been using 3ds max and Maya for these past 2 years, they are basically the main two 3d programs i am extremely comfortable and well known with, although i am very confident in my ability to adapt to other software packages.
My aim in this is to have as much fun, and so come up with some of the most beautiful art people have ever see, this is going to be hard, due to my focus mainly shifted toward my studies, yet i am sure that if given the opportunity i will be able to excel in this field quite rapidly.